About Us
Established in 2002, 1st Phase Operations is a professional consultancy firm that provides strategic and operational supports to corporations who are interested to establish biotech operations in Asia.

Our unique strength lies in our updated knowledge of the biotech industry, our familiarity with Asia and our unique capabilities in the areas of

dot biobusiness strategy development and execution,
dot biotech operation set up,
dot lab facility design,
dot project management, and
dot business development.

We offer to act as the single point of contact to help MNCs and SMEs alike manage their venture expansion in Asia – from conception to a successful initiation of operation.

Recognising the rapidly growing market, technological capability and talent potentials in Asia, a business strategy for the region is no longer an option but a necessity for companies who wish to stay competitive in this industry. Frequently, as companies innovate to develop viable strategies and winning business models for the new location, they quickly recognise that they need to factor in insights on local market behaviours, infrastructure conditions and gaps, skills, capabilities and costs of local workforce, availability and accessibility of supporting industries, regulatory environments, local government incentives and supports, etc.

We strive to offer these market insights and help companies understand and appreciate Asia’s heterogeneity. Beyond that, we offer to develop or strengthen our clients’ business plans and assist with site assessment studies to help pick the ideal location/s to situate their various activities to make the most of the unique value propositions of the different states.

Once a site has been selected, 1st Phase may be re-appointed to provide its project management services to help companies execute the primary phase of their strategies, hire the pioneering team, design and build the facility, and navigate through the various operational startup hurdles.

1st Phase has also successfully provided interim management capabilities to help companies gain a foothold in Asia and beyond, including helping companies kick start their regional business development activities until a BD department may be justified. To help companies expand their business networks, 1st Phase connects companies with local government and research and business communities and helps to assess and secure partnership opportunities.

Our scope will momentarily conclude when companies have successfully commenced their local operations. But 1st Phase will be there again to offer our support when companies are ready for their next phase of growth.