Our Clients

Mode of Engagement
We strive to provide value added services to our clients. Typically, we choose to first understand our client’s needs before proposing a customized set of solutions and a recommended mode of engagement. Frequently used modes include time based retainer where 1st Phase commits a certain number of hours to work on the client’s project and  project based lump sum where 1st Phase perform a defined set of scope with an agreed upon delivery timeline.

Some examples of appointment

Case Study A
Client A is a well established US based biotech company intending to expand its operation into Asia. 1st Phase reviewed the client’s business model, recommended a strategy and provided an assessment on the client’s opportunities in the various parts of Asia. 1st Phase went on to assist the client to execute its operational startup plan.

Case Study B
1st Phase assembled a facility consultancy team that includes an architect and a group of engineers to design and project manage the construction of a lab based research facility. 1st Phase also served as the lab design and safety consultant in the project. The project was delivered to the client’s satisfaction and within the intended budget and schedule.

Case Study C
1st Phase offered its safety consultancy service to a biotech company in Singapore to design a laboratory safety management system. Various recommendations involving facility upgrade, safety equipment procurement and safety procedures implementation were offered. 1st Phase was re-appointed to implement the system.