Our Services
Our services may be categorized broadly into the following five main areas:
Business Strategy Development
dot Corporate Strategy Review and Refinement
dot Business Locations Comparative Analysis
dot Operating Conditions Insights
dot Business Intelligence & Due Diligence

Most Western pharma and biotech companies are already well conversant with the huge potential of Asia, both in terms of the size of untapped market as well as the growing pool of talents and capabilities that they may draw on to fuel their next growth phase. However, as many look into expanding into this region, some frequently fail to appreciate that Asia is an exceedingly heterogeneous region and a generalized Asian strategy may not necessarily applies as effectively as one may hope.

Asian cities offer a wide range of unique value propositions to support these companies’ regional HQ, R&D, manufacturing and supply chain management operations. A coherent strategy that assimilates the host of country specific competitive advantages into an integrated execution plan is one that will help the company win in this competitive environment.

1st Phase offers to help companies achieve just that, from providing deep insights on the operating conditions in various parts of Asia to helping companies fine-tune their options to derive the most viable strategy for execution. We have also been repeatedly engaged by global management consulting companies to advise on this region’s biotech operating environment as well as to perform due diligence on specific investment opportunities.

Administrative Setup
dot Company Registration
dot Legal Tie-up
dot Finance
dot Human Resources
dot Admin Outsource
dot Purchasing
dot Government Grants Strategy
dot Business Development & Network

Beyond helping companies strategize their expansion plan into Asia, 1st Phase follows on to help execute the primary phase of operational startup. Serving as the company’s interim manager, we work with local professionals and project manage the swift setup of operations, from company incorporation and administrative functions startup to government grant application preparations. At all times, 1st Phase focuses on delivering our clients’ business objectives and seeks to put in place an optimized operation that offers both flexibility and strong potential for growth. 1st Phase has experience serving as companies’ interim admin manager, procurement staff as well as a company’s business development manager for Asia Pacific as these companies ramp up their operations.

Furthermore, 1st Phase has collaborated with various HR consultants to delineate job descriptions for senior management and scientific positions as well as participate in recruitment activities involving these professionals for the life sciences industry.

Facility Setup
dot Facility Planning & Design
dot Biosafety Evaluation
dot Animal Facility Design
dot Facility Management
dot Equipment Purchase

Serving the role of a lab specialist, 1st Phase offers its lab planning and design services to help with research workflow analysis, bio-, chemical and radiation safety assessments, laboratory functional areas specification, site assessment, laboratory planning and layout design, as well as laboratory equipment specification and selection.

In an approach that differs from many other lab designers in the region, we apply our unique Total Design Strategy technique to help clients achieve efficient usage of space and ergonomics design, while at the same time capitalizing on our understanding of the scientific processes to achieve safety, practicality and a more efficient research workflow. We consider Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) issues to be relevant even before a facility is constructed. By performing a proper hazard assessment and with an initial understanding of the proposed lab processes, potential operational issues that may require attention during the design process are identified. Finally, we apply energy efficient engineering solutions to help ensure that proper containment and functionality are achieved.

Architectural and engineering firms in various parts of Asia have frequently called upon us to support them in their R&D facility projects for both academic institutions and companies.

Regulatory Compliance
dot Occupational Safety & Health
dot Environmental

Across the various countries in Asia, there is great diversity in the system of government as well as the regulatory landscape and guidelines for environmental and occupational safety and health issues. To further complicate the scene, in some larger Asian countries, these standards may vary from one city to another. 1st Phase offers to help companies navigate through the various regulatory compliance issues associated with operating a research facility in Asia – from facility and operational license needs to occupational safety and health requirements pertinent to some states, e.g. health surveillance and chemical exposure monitoring.

dot Safety Planning
dot Safety Training & Audit
dot Safety Committee Setup

Current with the various international safety guidelines and standards for the use of chemicals, biological agents and radiation compounds and equipments, 1st Phase applies these references to guide the facility planning and design process as well as to help companies develop their laboratory safety management system. 1st Phase also frequently conduct safety trainings and audits of R&D facilities at academic institutions and MNCs across Asia.